Hi! I'm Chloe Tucker

coding | design | simplicity

Mindfull World

This project started as a CSS loader experiment and quickly grew beyond those bounds. It is part mindfulness (breath and movement) aid, part experiment in design. In breathe and move, the geometry of the concentric shapes is based on the golden ratio, one of my favorite mathematical concepts. This was also my first project with Javascript - just the buttons, but it counts!

HTML | CSS | Javascript


This landing page is for a concept product called Zoomtunes, a practice aid for musicians. This project involved a substantial amount of non-coding work: I created the concept, designed the logo, sourced the background from Canva, and went through an iterative wire-framing process. My goal was to use color, shape, and space to create a sense of friendliness and kinetic energy.


Playfull World

This website is a dedicated place for me to play around with things that I learn and don't want to devote an entire website or project to. Each section is a self-contained experiment. I specifically created it before I started learning Javascript. This was the first project I used Bootstrap for, and it was a huge time-saver; it took about two hours to build, and another several hours tweaking the UI.

HTML | CSS | Bootstrap